Variety of programs and courses

Having no constraints over physical infrastructure, UET online courses offer a variety of options for students, meaning no matter what students wish to study, from fashion to space science, they will find related online courses or degree programs from a career certificate to a doctorate.

Convenience and Flexibility

UET Online courses give students the opportunity to plan their study and work simultaneously, making it a good option for students who need to balance their work and family commitments. Course material being available online, there’s no need to go to a library either.

Career advancement

Students can take UET online courses to complete entire degrees while working, while in-between jobs, or while taking time to raise a family. Moreover, learning while earning creates an impression of one’s being ambitious, hardworking with ability to taking challenges.

Transfer credits

Credits earn during online studies are now transferable to other courses and most of the institutions accept them. Students studying online while working during summer vacations, may transfer credits earned to regular courses.

Vision and Mission

Here you can review some statistics about our Education Center


“to be a world class institution that builds individuals with entrepreneurial creditability for indigenous natural endowment development.”


“Incorporate efficiency and commitment through robust research and technology.” 

Core Values

  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Excellence
  • Initiative
  • Innovation
  • Passion
  • Commitment
  • Complementary


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