Cancellation of Admission

Cancellation of Registration

Every student is expected to maintain proper discipline and decorum, during and within the conduct of the course and otherwise.Any student found misbehaving on the UET web portal or using abusive or arrogant language in the social groups/forums/chat etc. is liable to have his/ her registration terminated, without any refund of fee, even if otherwise applicable.


No fee is refundable in case a student is deemed to be a dropout and / or has taken courses stopover transfer.
Admission fee is not refundable under any circumstances unless under exceptional cases with proper proof of documented evidences and recommendation of partner institute/ concerned research center, after deduction of administrative and nonrefundable processing fees @ USD 250.


UET reserves the right to formulate and modify the rules pertaining to the conduct of the courses at any or all of its centers whenever it deems fit.

The contents of this section are provided to the students as necessary guidelines for their references and do not reflect or disclose the internal procedures followed by UET. UET reserves the right to maintain complete secrecy of its procedures and is not bound to disclose the same, even on demand.