Corporate & Industry Patronage

Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry (AACCI)

The university has the patronage of Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry (AACCI), an international industrial chamber that acts as a trade & business promoting body, supporting SMEs and industries in the Asian and African region and helps them build better economic growth and sustainable business. The chamber also serves as the primary trust for the university, contributing immensely in arranging for the funds for the up coming main Campus & infrastructure in Nigeria and for the development of its research centers spread across the globe in US, Africa and Asia through its affiliations, network and its members. The university aims high in the wake of growing global competition and a challenge of providing quality higher education for which its students trust it. Meeting the challenge is an uphill task that the patron, AACCI has taken in its stride through hardened determination and collaboration.

The aim of AACCI is to help in the industrial growth in the two continents by preparing industry friendly human resource. The fundamental of the success of UET courses lies in its industry friendly approach which it prepares taking into consideration the demand from the industry. The amalgamation of the industry chamber with the university and its affairs results in industry friendly and industry ready task force that fill in the gaps created by years of neglect and repetition despite of continuous changes happening globally.

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World Peace & Diplomacy Organization (WPDO)

UET is recognized as an excellent academic endeavour by World Peace & Diplomacy Organization – WPDO, which  is a private, not for profit organization, aiming at resolving conflicts & prevailing peace amongst and within people and nations. The founders of WPDO feel that in order to fight this unrest, one must find the inner peace from within. The aim of WPDO is to propagate the need for peace through as many like minded peace advocates as possible who would work towards peace building by eliminating the main factors that initiate conflicts & unrest in people. No or proper education, unemployment, insecurity, racial bias, religious faiths, etc. are the factors that shake the inner peace by stimulating unrest in people. Eliminating these factors would lead to a peaceful mind which will eventually help prevail global peace.