University Charter


  • The University of Entrepreneurship and Technology was founded in 2010 at the State of Delaware, United States of America (USA). Board of Directors and Governing Council members in association with Institute of Company and Commercial Accountants (Chartered) of Nigeria with a mission of availing quality higher education to students globally on Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) for every students to be self-reliant.

  • Later, after successful year long operational initiation, on approval by the Board of Governing Council, UET will apply for accreditation from International Higher Education Accreditation Council (IHEEAC) and World Accreditation Board of Online Universities (WABOU).


The following appointments were made:

  • The staff of the University includes administrative, operational and academic who are paid from the university funds obtained from students fee and other Management Development Programs organized from time to time.

  1. In order to generate revenue internally, UET Ventures will be established with the following departments:
  2. Petrol Station
  3. Printing Press
  4. Consultancy Services Unit
  5. ICT Training Centre
  6. Sachet and Pure Water Pant
  7. Health, Safety, Environmental Beatification Services
  8. Tricycle Assembly Plant
  • The University Senate or Steering Committee comprises of Senior Operational and Academic Staffs of the university who jointly take important day to day decisions for the university.

  • There is a Board of Governing Council, comprising of renowned academicians and people of high repute from the corporate world to assist the university Senate in taking strategic decisions.


  • The primary responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the university resides with the Vice-President and Registrar of the University.

The strategic and collaborative decisions are taken either by President or jointly by Vice-President and Registrar or are put forth before the Board of University Governing Council to draw upon the advice.

  • The primary responsibility of Research Staff is to conduct basic and applied research in selected areas of management and technology to obtain extra funding in support of research and to develop commercially significant products and processes.

The Academic Staff undertakes teaching responsibilities but may have the opportunity to direct the research of graduate students or to engage in other teaching activities as may be approved to them by the appropriate academic unit as well as the President of the Institute.

Qualified Staffs may teach specialized courses in classes and workshops from time to time as the need arises.

  • The University Steering Committee gives guidance and direction in setting priorities, in assessing results, and in identifying new opportunities. Steering Committee Members are appointed by the Vice-President and Registrar after consultation with the Vice President.

Operating and Financial Procedures 

  • The university adopt all operating, personnel and financial procedures that apply to academic units in the university. 
  • In seeking external funding to support research and other activities by a department, the department shall conform to the university’s standard grant application procedures and the university research policies. 
  • The university is governed by standard budgetary and financial procedures; and it annually submits a budget for approval by the President and the Board of Governing Council in the course of the regular university budget review process.
  • The university accounts are periodically audited by the Internal Audit department. It will be subjected to additional audits by an appointed External Auditor, as are periodically conducted in the university or that may be specially conducted in connection with specific funding sources for the university.


  • The University will prepare an Annual Report for the President describing its academic, research accomplishments and industrial interactions as they relate to its mission. 
  • Every five years following the adoption of its permanent charter, the University would undergo a comprehensive review in accordance with the existing Statute on all its centers approved by the Board of Governing Council. 

Approved by the Board of Governing Council at its meeting of January 1, 2017