USA Research Centre

UET was conceptualized and founded with a view to provide quality education in higher studies. It was registered in the state of Delaware, USA in the year 2017 for operations and virtual running of research based doctoral courses for working professionals.

USA Accreditation System

Accreditation in higher education is not mandatory in USA; however, it ensures a smooth operational flow and makes it easy for students to connect with the institutes. Compared to most other higher education systems around the world, the U.S. system is largely independent from federal government regulation and is highly decentralized.

The United States has a large, diverse, and decentralized education system. Our federal government has a very limited role in administering education at any level. State governments, local and institutional authorities, and non-governmental organizations have major roles.

Accreditation is a voluntary process in the U.S based on the principle of academic self-governance. Schools, postsecondary institutions, programs (faculties) within institutions and other education providers participate in accreditation to ensure that they meet and maintain, minimum standards of quality and integrity regarding academics, administration, and related services. The entities which conduct accreditation are associations comprised of institutions and academic specialists in specific subjects, who establish and enforce standards of membership and procedures for conducting the accreditation process.

Both the federal and state governments recognize accreditation as the mechanism by which institutional and programmatic legitimacy are ensured. In international terms, accreditation by a recognized accrediting authority is accepted as the U.S.equivalent of other countries’ ministerial recognition of institutions belonging to national education systems.

UET has registered and started operations in USA with plans to have its own big campus at a suitable location by the end of 2019 with Government & private affiliations and collaborations to provide quality higher education through corporate alliances, industry support and generous donations. An industry friendly education system ensuring the quality standards matching the industry requirements and not merely meeting the set norms is the need for rapid transformation in technology in the global industrial revolution.