UET is an Accredited Member of CIAC Global which is an International, non-governmental, private, self-financed, Quality Assurance Rating & Accreditation body, federally recognized as a non-profit organization.

CIAC works as an international quality assurance agency, working towards improving quality assurance standards of organizations all across the globe. CIAC never claims to be associated with the government directly. However, it works as an independent assessor & auditing organization dealing in quality ratings & recognition award through private, non-governmental & self-regulation. CIAC can be treated as an agency working just after the government in the private sector to enhance & uplift the quality in various sectors.

Through global reach with offices across the continents, extensive network of experts. It’s recently launched “Better Business Practices (BBP)” caters to the rest of industry verticals where it preaches to engage proven methodology into process to get the better results.

CIAC Global is strong supporter of United Nations Global Compact Program and Earth Charter. To know more about CIAC Global, please visit:

International Higher Education Accreditation Council

IHEAC implements a stringent set or rules and standards that facilitates the business practices of accrediting organizations.

Each step at the IHEAC ensures that the accrediting bodies should pass through a strict and vigorous scrutinizing process. The IHEAC recognition standards include :

Augment academic quality: Accreditors should have a clear set of benchmarks for ensuring quality in each of their process of validation for universities and colleges. Accreditors should stand as a base for quality standards.

Reveal accountable methodology: Accreditors should have meticulous standards so that educational institutions provide consistent, reliable information about academic quality to foster continuing public confidence and investment.

Continuous positive change and improvisation: Accreditors should plan and improvise their bodies for a positive change and scrutiny for needed improvement through an on-going self-examination in the institution.

Decision-Making process: A fair and appropriate strategy for organizational policies and procedures should be maintained by the accreditating bodies which includes effective checks and balances.

World Accreditation Board of Online Universities

WABOU emphasizes that Accreditation of online universities is as important as for any traditional college. Accreditation substantiates that any online university or college has undergone a rigorous overview.

It proves to be a gauge which measures that the university has followed the academic guideline of the department of education.

It is also a common indicator of acceptance of a university’s degree in the job market.

So if you are among those who want to make yourself an owner of an online degree and you anticipate yourself to speed up your career with that online degree then acquaint yourself with the accreditation of your university.

Also, It is worthy to note that most of the employers would ask for verification of the accreditation of your university. Hence it would be commendable to check that your university is accredited with the likes of WABOU.